Group 4 – Mermaid River Blog Post #5


Good evening!

So, after a successful beta earlier during the week we are now closing in on the final release date on friday the 18th! (Not as catchy as Friday the 13th)

So now that we have gotten as far as we have, we pretty much have everything that is needed for a fully playable game. So for the last part we are mostly polishing and updating whatever we already have in that could be expanded upon or given an extra designer’s touch to make every thing as good as possible.

So what have I been doing? I have been in the process of looking over some of my old animations as well as taking an extra look on how my graphics partners have finalized them.

But it is not only simple polish that we are doing, there are also some things that were used only as placeholders or that needs an upgrade overall. One of the major things that needed an overhaul are the power up items. They did not stick out and seem powerful enough, like with our special all enemy piercing harpoon powerup (imagine the harpoon in the bottom right labeled 0 but with a little bit of fire and a golden texture on it)

Sure, the change is fine, but we have noted as well as it being pointed out by some who have seen our beta version that it could really use some improvements to make it look as special as it feels firing it.

So this week I will go over some design process steps and how things might look in production before it is set to be implemented, animated or whatever.

When designing anything at all, the design is not always as obvious as it first might seem. “How can I make this look like a harpoon but make it look interesting and powerful” is the first thing I asked myself. So I and the graphics team discussed some things. First it was set in stone that the end of the harpoon will be basically the same as the original harpoon, so that we can attatch the same rope to it. Another thing was how we feel that an harpoon with extra hooks on it looks more or less like a mace. So that is where my first design elements were put, as seen in the first sketch and in a few of the others afterwards.

“It looks pretty good” I thought to myself, but whenever designing something the first thing that pops up in your mind might not always be the right choise. Remember this and hopefully your future designs will turn out the best they possibly could. A ton of ideas will come to you during the design process, as more focus put on the task at hand more thoughts and ideas will be born from it.

So continuing on I got multiple different ideas, all with different results. Some as stated continued with the mace design, whilst others were inspired by different elements. Like #2 was based on shark fins for hooks, #3 is based on a trident and so on.

I have done more stuff this week, but I feel like none of the things will go over anything especially new that you can not find in my earlier blog posts. That is how things go when it is mostly cleanup duty.

Well, there is one thing that I hope I can work on for next week, as soon as my team will allow me to work on it. Here is a preview of things hopefully to come:

Well then, as always I wish you all the best of luck with your projects and I am soo looking forward to seeing them all next friday! See you there! 😀


One thought on “Group 4 – Mermaid River Blog Post #5

  1. Hej Maximilian!
    Jag kör rakt på bara; ditt språk är väldigt lättillgängligt och välformulerat, dock ganska strikt. Det är ju såklart valfritt hur man väljer att skriva och personligen tycker jag bäst om ett avslappnat och ledigt språk på en blogg – men the bottom line is att du skriver med rätt grammatik på ett bra sätt. Hittade dock några stavfel, som jag gissar är slarvfel. (attatch, choise, every thing). Du har även uppnått antalet ord gott och väl!
    Uppriktig sagt så känner jag att du skulle kunna vara mer precis och inriktad i ditt inlägg, det känns mest som att det är lite beskrivningar runt omkring istället för fokus på just veckans asset, även om det bara är en omarbetning. Har själv fått kommentarer om att förklara mer hur man har gjort sin asset – inte bara varför. Till exempel; vad man använt för brushes, varför man har använd vissa färger osv.. (gissar dock att du redan gjort det i tidigare inlägg, men bara en kort förklaring hade varit bra för att hjälpa läsaren förstå vad som sker)
    Som vanligt så säger en bild mer än 1000 ord, och med det menar jag att jag vill se mer bilder!! 😀 På hur din asset fungerar i spelet, på din process när du arbetat fram det, på hur den slutgiltiga artefakten blev! Mer bara mer! 🙂
    Lycka till med resten av ert spel och Happy Crunching!


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