A Rat Betwixt Blog Post #5 – Additional Problems

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Personal Status

Hello! Back again with another insight blog post into the Game Design Project – A Rat Betwixt.

So, a project such as a game project takes quite a bit of time and work to get finished. This can be quite the stressful period with a lot of crunching (working extra hours beyond the “normal” amount of extra hours. Often multiple hours after midnight after a normal 9-17 work day) just to hit those project deadlines.

Of course you can’t completely give up your life just for work. However, sometimes it feels like that is the case. The struggles of balancing your personal life alongside your project. Also as for my case, having to catch up on old unfinished schoolwork at the same time as you have a project loaded with deadlines that geenrally can not be crossed, such as alpha, beta and release. I am here to tell you a bit of such a moment in time for me during my involvment in this final school project and how it has affected me and my work during it.

Loaded work schedule

I’m sure you’ve all been there. Either you have forgotten, procastinated or not quite had time to finish a specific work assignment and therefor have had to push it along until later. I’m sure most of you can also relate to how those things really can come back to bite you in the behind eventually. This time of my life was just such a period.

There was this one hellish week where I had to work at least 8 hours a day on the finals project at the same time as I had to finish earlier missed school work that I had not quite started when I should have had. Not only that, this was the same period as when I had to apply to further studies in case I did not want to wait for a full year for another chance to apply. This last part doesn’t seem like much work unless you know what applying to these studies would require of you to hand in alongside the application.

The application did not only require knowledge of what exactly I wanted to study, but also a personal Curriculum Vitae (CV), Personal Letter as to why you’re applying as well as a personal portfolio of work showing that you have what it takes. Yes, it was like applying to a job. Which depending on if you have had applied to similar work before or not would take more or less time to do. In my case I have had not applied to something like this before. Which meant a lot of time had to be put aside to write an all new CV, all new Personal Letter and figuring out what work to include in the Personal Portfolio. Not to mention the stress coming from applying to something not previously applied to with the stress of not knowing whenever you will get in or not. Alongside the pressure from a big 2 months finals project at the same time as finishing earlier schoolwork that was planned for a few months before the final project began put a lot of weight on my shoulders.

All in all

You might ask “what exactly does this have to do with your project?” as to which I have to say “depends on what aspects of a project you want to look into”.

This post has probably been my most personally loaded one where I tried to give you readers an understanding of my personal psyche during by far the most hectic week I have had in this project.

I think this is important because this is something that can happen to anyone. It can suck, it can bring you down and it can break you. However, do not give up. If something is truly important to you, then sometimes you have to completely give up some time out of your life to accomplish what’s needed for you to reach your goals.

Do not give up, but also, do not expect to be given to you on a silver platter just because you feel like “you deserve it”. I have done this many times in my life, and it has Never Ever turned out in my favor. Only thing that makes you deserve something is if you put in the workload and hours to make your hopes and dreams become reality.

But, you did work, right?

Oh, of course I did. As I said earlier, I did work at least 8 hours a day during the entire week for the project. Mostly that work involves stuff I have already told you about. Making 3D objects for the game as well as UV mapping them and giving them textures. Not much new under the sun on the project front.

So until next post where I will tell you all about the final project period and how everything went –

Take Care!


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