A Rat Betwixt Blog Post #2 – Additional Characters

Hello again!

It’s been quite some time, but now I’m back to further give you the story of how I was involved in the creation of the game “A Rat Betwixt”!

In the last post I told you about how I first got introduced with the project, me getting accepted into the group and the work I was first assigned going into it all. In this post I will give further details on my work as well as other things going on in the background.

What I’ve done

So, after I provided the group with the design for the game’s main big enemy – The Troll – I also got assigned the job of designing the game’s minor enemy. Which in development has been called “The Mole People”.

This is the image I was given to start my work V


What I was told about the character before doing the design was that these “Mole People” are ones who have inhabited the game’s bunkers for quite some time. So they have gathered stuff they found in the bunker such as old army clothing and weapons as well as equipping themselves with different things they seemed useful.

They can carry weapons, have lamps attatched to their helmets or carried around with them. I was also told that they really wanted to have a typewriter thrown in there somewhere.

As for the gender of the enemy. One big part of the game’s characters at this stage was that they need to be androgynous – not clearly male or female.

The Results

Here’s the basic design for how these enemy characters will look V

Rat Betwixt FIende Turnarounds.png

One of my first ideas when creating the design for the enemies was “How can I fit the typewriter into their design?”

I had different ideas such as them having parts of typewriters added onto their clothing or them carrying one around on their back.

Then it hit me. How could I have the typewriter in the design and further make the enemy look androgynous? Cover up the chest area. With this in mind and them carrying around typewriters on their backs I switched it around. I’d have them carry them on ther chest instead! But why stop at typewriters? With this new hanging contraption they could hang whatever they want up front! Such as typewriters, filing cabinets, work tables, you name it. This design decision opened up for a more modular approach – meaning that we can use the same design multiple times but change some minor things around in order to make each of them seem different. In turn also giving them different roles in the bunkers depending how high ranks they have as an example.


With this new enemy design as well as the modular approach I feel like I managed to give them I have now created a new set of characters that can be used in many different ways to further develop the world of A Rat Betwixt. With multiple different ideas and figuring out how to use them in multiple different ways you can make a lot of variety with minimal efforts put into it. Which is perfect for a short 10 week game project such as ours!

Hope this has been insightful, take care! šŸ˜€


A Rat Betwixt Blog Post #1 – Introduction of an “Additional Artist”

Hello, everyone!

You probably don’t remember me, but for those who do I am now back once again on a new Game Design Studies Game. Before it was the Pirate fights fish swimming space shooter “Yarr! Swimulator” (Codename Mermaid River) as the main animator. Now I have joined the game project named: “A Rat Betwixt” under the position “Additional Artist”

So, as to introduce all of you to this project, why don’t I start by explaining how I got introduced and eventually involved in the project?


Before the project began I looked around being set on not having too big of an important role in a project so that I could take it a bit easier than how I had it with another project after Mermaid River (During this other project where I got burnt out from having too many important roles including lead design, lead art etc). I also wanted this because it is good to not only work as the project’s figurehead, but also as a projects’ “underling” doing more what is asked of me rather than telling others what to do and making all the tough decisions.

From this I met one of my aquainted classmates who told me about a project that he is having the role of producer. This project being under the codename “A Rat Betwixt”.


I was told that the project was about a future just about a thousand years after a nuclear catastrophy or something of the like where people were just about getting completely back on their feet all strewn about over the world in different new societies. Different representatives of these societies somehow happened upon eacother near a Swedish bunker where each of them were sent to explore, all with their own missions to accomplish. The 4 players need to work together to get through the bunker, defeating all that oppose their missions on the inside. It just happens to be the case that one of the given missions is to murderĀ the other players. This is the rat betwixt. So it is up to the players to go through the bunker, finish their tasks given to them and also figure out which one of them is a traitor. If there even is one to begin with. So the game is based on teamwork, betrayal, communication and psychology to get through it all.

Joining the group

I thougt that the project sounded interesting and promosing. I was then told that most of the roles had been filled in and accounted for, but that they could use an additional programmer or, as I later became, an “Additional Artist”.

So I met up with the group, discussed the project further with them and showed what I was capable of providing the group when it comes to graphics and design. They were impressed with what they saw and later contacted me saying that they would love to have me on their team. A proposal of which I later on accepted and becameĀ the final group member.

First weeksĀ in the group

My time in the group started with me mainly getting into the hang of the game’s true visions and me researching what I need to get into the same mindset as the rest of the group. This included me looking through all the documents, all the visual references, talking with the group members, bringing up ideas and seeing if they work or not as well as why they would or would not fit into the scope of the game.

First major task

This became extra necessary once I got my first major job to do in the project. I was assigned the task of creating one of the game’s main big boss like enemies. As the game takes place in a bunker in Sweden I was told that the bunker the game takes place in would have big trolls in it. The trollsĀ were to be based off of the troll designs of John Bauer whilst looking a bit more orcish to give them more of an antagonistic feeling.

John Bauer Trolls as reference:

This is the results of my design. VTroll Turnaround.png

OneĀ big change from the John Bauer general troll designs is that our troll does not have any hair. This is to make it easier for us when it comes to animation.


So there you have it. I am working as an “Additional Artist” for the game design project “A Rat Betwixt”.

My next blog post will tell you more of how my tasks have been evolving as well as how my workflow is changing with the flow of the project as a whole.

Take care, everyone!